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November Special Games



Special Games/Events

Special Events Calendar

Nov. 10-13

Camellia Classic

HHI's Sectional

Nov. 21st - ACBL-Charity Game

ACBL-wide sponsored event & awards masterpoints at the club as a Sectional rated event. High scores will be eligible for District and ACBL awards.

    7:00 pm - Game ... No Lesson

   Director - Fred Ferguson

Nov. 30th - Interclub Championship

    7:00 pm - Game

   Director - Fred Ferguson




Hilton Head Island, SC USA

H Tuesday, November 8th
Hilton Head Island Bridge Association



C Sunday, November 6th

Fo island.


Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century


Fridays 9:30 am – 11:30 am

September 22nd – December 15th, 2006

HHI Bridge Club | Port Royal Plaza


2/1 Game Force

A presentation of two-over-one game force bidding for serious students of the game.  


The HHI Bridge Club is offering 2/1 Game Force Bidding as a part of its 2006 Fall Training Program.  This course is intended for the intermediate to advanced player who is ready to incorporate advanced bidding skills into their game.  This class will teach 2/1 Game Force and the Forcing Notrump system.  Two‑over‑one is fast becoming the standard bidding system for ACBL District 7 and the Mid-Atlanta Bridge Conference (MABC).  This course covers the concepts of modern bridge bidding including: hand evaluation, opening bids, opener’s rebids to show shape, forcing bids, 2/1 bids, 1Nt Forcing bid and rebids, and modern suit raises with a bonus class on bidding with fits.


This course is based primarily on the 2/1 book Standard Bridge Bidding for the 21st Century by Max Hardy, the master on 2/1 bidding2/1 Game Force.  Everyone should have a copy of Hardy in their bridge library.  Mike Lawrence says, “This is a necessary book since the current material for new players on 2/1 is pretty well hidden.”  The course will be supplemented with material from the book 25 Steps to Learning 2/1 by Paul Thurston.  Both texts can be obtained from any book store or bridge supplier.  Detailed class notes with a summary and sample hands will be provided each week for study and review.


The course will be held on Fridays from 9:30 am to 11:30 am covering 8 classes beginning Friday, September 22nd and ending Friday, December 8th.  Price for the 8 weeks is $90.  In addition, a bonus class (December 15th) will be conducted as a make-up and class review, or a special presentation on bidding with fits. 


Schedule of Classes:


Sept. 22nd

Chap. 1 & 2

Hand Evaluation and Opening Bids


Sept. 29th

Chap. 2

Opener Rebids to Describe


Oct. 6th

No Class

HHI NLM Tournament


Oct. 13th

Chap. 3

Forcing Bids


Oct. 20th

No Class

Columbia Regional MABC Tournament


Oct. 27th

Chap. 4

Two-over‑One is Game Forcing


Nov. 3rd

Chap. 5 & 6

Forcing Notrump and Rebids by Responder


Nov. 10th

Chap. 7

Natural Notrump Bidding Sequences


Nov. 17th

No Class

HHI Camellia Classic


Nov. 24th

No Class



Dec. 1st

Chap. 8

Modern Suit Raises


Dec. 8th

Chap. 9

High Level Opening Bids


Dec. 15th

Make UP

Review or Bidding with Fits


The Bridge Club is a non-profit, member owned organization dedicated to improving bridge at all levels of play.  Classes will be taught by Fred Ferguson, an ACBL Certified Teacher, Silver Life Master, Club Director and Tournament Assistant.  Fred was the 2004 Life Master of the Year in SC winning the Unit 160 Mini‑McKenney and Ace of Clubs Awards.


For a copy of the class syllabus or information on registration, contact Fred Ferguson at 843.363.6416 or email












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